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We help poor and disadvantaged Palestinian children and families learn, grow, and thrive, through educational, and psycho-social support.

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Hope for the future

The children we care for are the link to a future where we hope for change, peace, and opportunity for all. The Spafford Children's Center aims to bring healing, hope, and prosperity to Palestinian children and their families in East Jerusalem by offering programs and services that increase health in mind, body, and spirit.

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Spafford Children's Center hope for the future

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Welcome to the Spafford Children’s Center

The current situation in Jerusalem with high unemployment and a depressed economy means many families cannot afford even our small fees for treatment.

Will enable a child to take a cultural course to help him or her express joy and work out traumas through traditional music, dance, and art.
Will provide counselling for a traumatised child.
Will cover the cost of speech or play therapy, which helps children overcome a range of emotional and speech problems as well as issues with fine and gross motor skills and delayed development.
Will provide special materials for children with fine motor problems to use in a course.
Will provide counseling for a child who has experienced trauma.
Will help a mother learn the skills she needs to support the gain her child has made through SCC courses.
Will enable a psychologist to give a child a full educational and emotional assessment to determine how best to help him or her.

The Spafford Children’s Center has been serving children and their families since 1925

Spafford Children's Center hope for the future

The Spafford Children’s Center has a long history in Jerusalem and has witnessed the challenges that children and parents in the region have faced.

Spafford Children's Center

Over generations, the Center has remained a forward-looking institution which is able to adapt and respond to the changing humanitarian needs.

Hope for the future

Today, new techniques in social work and psychology have been developed to help children and parents cope with trauma and the restrictive occupation.

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